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Dr. Mani Alikhani

Dr. Alikhani is Professor and dean of CTOR Academy, and faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. CTOR, the only center in the world dedicated to Translational Research in Orthodontics, focuses on discovering new approaches and technological advances for treatment of skeletal deformities and different types of malocclusion.

His research has produced several patents such as a micro-osteoperforation device (Propel), a high frequency acceleration appliance (Vpro5), External plates, Robotic Orthodontics and many others.

Dr. Alikhani specializes in complex orthodontic treatment for teens and adults. His clinical focus is to treat severe jaw and dental deformities in patients seeking non-surgical treatment options using advanced biological and mechanical concepts.



At Orthodontics Center, we understand that fees can sometimes be a concern for our patients. However, we believe that the benefits of a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth far outweigh the monetary costs.

To help our patients, we offer interest-free financing options. We also accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

At Orthodontics Center, we understand that fees can sometimes be a concern. As a solution we participate with most commercial insurances including Medicaid. We offer both financing via Care Credit and in-house financing at zero interest.



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